The training program Ateliers des horizons requires that the participants have curious minds, be active in their discipline and/or autodidacts, and that they be willing to share their research and experience with members of the group as well as the general public in Grenoble.


Required skills are : autonomy, writing and reading skills necessary for distance learning.

The working languages are French and English, but other languages may also be used.







Application timetable / 2018-2019


There are two steps in the admissions process:
1/ Preliminary selection based on the application

2/ An interview with the admissions panel in Grenoble or online.


15 oct. 2017 // Application submission deadlines
15 nov. 2017 // Preliminary application results
24-25-26 nov. 2017 // Selection interviews


Friday 6 april 2018 // Beginning of the training sessions at Ateliers des horizons 2018 !