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(MARCH 2017–MARCH 2018)


In 2017, nine participants embarked on the adventure of the Ateliers des Horizons, multidisciplinary and experimental professional training. All participants are active in the social, trade union, educational, dance, visual arts, graphic arts, literature, and poetry sectors, and carry on their activities throughout the duration of the training.


From March 2017 to March 2017, they meet every 15 days at the MAGASIN des Horizons in Grenoble to attend a series of seminars and practical activities run by their instructor—Peggy Pierrot—and by outside speakers, in addition to distance learning conducted via a collaborative internet platform. Together, the participants define the topics of their collective and personal research, which are informed by the major lines of reflection that make up the DNA of the training program.


Gradually, a learning collective emerges and becomes a driver of new ideas, with a view to generating their own schedule of training and periods open to the Grenoble public.







Throughout the year, participants forge a shared culture around the body and its representations through a variety of approaches: philosophical, social, historical, historiographical, scientific, aesthetic…

This shared theoretical foundation permanently nourishes collective reflection on social, societal, and political issues related to representations of the body, and makes it possible to envisage an alternative place accorded to the body in every participant’s (professional or non-professional) practice.


From the natural body to the social body / the body in the Middle Ages / women, witches, caring / the measured, incarcerated body under surveillance / the medicalized body / human body, animal body / queer zones / the colonial and post-colonial bodies




By way of theoretical contributions, case studies, and experiments, the participants unpack the mechanisms at work in construction, acquisition, and transmission of knowledge, and examine the connections between (forms of) knowledge and power. This process of deconstruction is the point of departure for other possible modes of circulation of knowledge, and it aims, among other things, at non-exclusion, reappropriation, as well as subversion of the traditional relationship between teacher and learner.


Production of knowledge / appropriation, confiscation, reappropriation / technical knowledge, vernacular knowledge / site-specific knowledge / construction and legitimacy of discourse / de-hierarchization of knowledge / free software as a pedagogic model / pedagogic experience at La Villeneuve in Grenoble / being self-taught…




The question of the collective is the common theme of this yearlong training program, and it informs the totality of the projects and activities undertaken by the participants. The functioning of the group, communication, collaborative and cooperative work, are tackled theoretically as well as practically, in particular during the periods of collective research and brainstorming of public project proposals.


life in a collective / sharing spaces and coexistence / organization and distribution of roles within a group / collective decision-making methods / nonviolent communication / sharing tools…




The year’s program includes significant amounts of time devoted to collective corporal practices. Engaging in physical movement is also an integral part of the process of learning and participates in the process of building a collective. The participants are invited to (r)ally their bodies and senses to understand their environment, in such a way that corporal practice becomes integrated into a range of research and experimentation tools, in the same way as theory.


walking / yoga / siesta / dancing / performance… 


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Peggy Pierrot - tutrice

External speakers

Naïm Aït-Sidhoum,
Philippe Artières,
Olivier Chambon aka Babozor,
Emilie Besse (Happy Shala),
Sam Bourcier,
Antoine Depaulis,
Julie Desprairies,
Vanina Géré,
Marielle Imbert (Fusées),
Latifa Laâbissi,
Ibrahim Mahama,
La Maison de l'Image,
Jean-Charles Massera,
Kobe Matthys,
Émilie Notéris,
Rachid Ouramdane,
Elsa Sunita (Happy Shala)