The witness
Karina Bisch

Dans le cadre du partenariat entre le MAGASIN-CNAC et la Biennale de Kaunas en Lituanie, l’École du MAGASIN est invité à conduire un workshop qui se tiendra du 28 au 31 octobre 2013 à Kaunas.

Sur proposition du MAGASIN, l’artiste française Karina Bisch présentera son travail à l'occasion de son exposition « Le témoin» / «The witness» à la galerie 101 de l’Université Vytautas Magnus University du 13 septembre au 11 octobre 2014 durant la Biennale de Kaunas.

 " Le Témoin (The Witness) is a drama in six acts, performed for the first time at Teatro Valle Occupato, in Rome, in April 2013.

It was part of the "Theater Cycle" program initiated by Nomas Foundation (Rome).


The play depicts various excerpts and testimonials relating to milestones of modernist Avant-gardes, such as the representation of Le Coeur à Gaz, by Tristan Tzara (1923) and Jean Cocteau's Parade (1917), but also a free interpretation of L’Après-midi d’un Faune, by Nijinsky (1912).


The project aims to "live" iconic historical events, not through History but rather to adopt a related personal story narrators present position at these events and share their experiences, their feelings.

We are therefore in the skin of eyewitnesses, which allow us to enter into a subjective reading of History, to dream a short time we were there.

We are alternately in the middle of the brawl that followed the presentation of Le Coeur à Gaz, readers reactionary comments on Parade or even in the garb of a Oskar Schlemmer’s ballet dancer.

The witness's position changes throughout the show, transporting us to a spectator than an actor.

It is important to always read History, think of it as a living and not frozen material, and thus activate, thereby perhaps better read and understand the contemporary world.


The installation presented at the Gallery of the University is a second movement of this piece, and a first attempt for me to "make a show" composing with elements from a performance I did.

All the costumes will be presented, with the hanging, and a new piece that completes the system: a poster announcing the show.

The piece can then be played in the imagination of the viewer, who walks around in the middle of the different characters and scenery.


The poster, designed by French graphic designer Marie Proyart, is created especially for this exhibition. It allows us to link existing elements and a new situation, featuring excerpts of texts and drawings in the tradition of Dada or Futurist posters."


Karina Bisch