MAGASIN des horizons - a national centre of arts and cultures

A hybrid public institution, MAGASIN des horizon defines itself as a platform for reflection, a site of exchange accessible to all and focused on the notion of permacultural place or an artistic third-location.


Supporting a multidisciplinary perspective, MAGASIN des horizons invites brokers of ideas, artists, activists, therapists, and rogue philosophers … to stimulate and encourage a way of thinking capable of addressing contemporary problems. Its activity consists in implementing ideas, engaging with artists most likely connected with women’s issues, as well as training a dozen persons in new professional practices combining art and society.


A veritable mirror of a changing society, MAGASIN des horizons invites you to dream the world rather than enduring it!



Located in the heart of an industrial facility with over 3,000 square meters of space (currently undergoing renovation), the center for art and culture wishes to make this location available for related activities capable of stirring up the senses and sensations. Le Magasin des horizons builds synergy with the Maison des Habitants Chorier-Berriat, the Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble (CCN2), Le Pacifique – Centre de Développement Chorégraphique (CDC), the University, as well as organizations working for social or professional integration of disadvantaged persons (such as Cuisine sans frontière, Ulysse…).


Le Magasin des horizons wishes to encourage artist / designer / creator / thinker / writer residencies aimed at laying the groundwork for fruitful crosspollination.


Vidéo : Chloé Delaume, Liberté-Parité-Sororité, closing performance of  Violette & Co bookshop residency, Paris, 2017 décember. (c) Marjolaine Grandjean /

Chloé Delaume
Birgitta Ralston & Alexandre Bau
Gabrielle Boulanger


Our invitation, extended to artists and other prominent figures working in design, writing, dance, performance etc., is aimed at those artists whose practice is open, transversal, and defies categories, and who wish to experience encounters and intellectual crosspollination. Long-term presence of partner artists and researchers fosters the creation of strong connections with local stakeholders.



Gabrielle Boulanger is interested in exploiting the potential of a visual arts approach as she works in spaces other than those traditionally reserved for the arts. She thus develops her research in interaction with inhabited territories. Adopting the position of an observer and a listener with respect to the local residents, she deploys a variety of schemes in order to encounter the writer within the other person, and to foster the creation of a possible common space.



An author-performer, Pamina de Coulon is interested in collaborative approaches and in developing a sustainable field of artistic experimentation. As an extension of these interests, from late 2012 to 2016, she also served as artistic co-director of the BÂTARD Festival in Brussels, alongside Dries Douibi and Michiel Vandevelde.


Guillaume Désanges
Eva Gonzales Sancho
Laurence Rassel
Stéphane Sauzedde

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For nearly two decades, Chloe Delaume has practiced writing using a multitude of forms and media. Winner of the Prix Décembre in 2011, she worked in residency at the Villa Médici in 2011/2012. Her latest novel, Les sorcières de la République, was published in 2016 by Éditions du Seuil. She regularly collaborates with artists, designers, and musicians to create performances, sound pieces, interventions, objects. On occasion she wears the hat of a lyricist.



Ralston & Bau is an idealistic design studio based in Bergen, Norway and Marseille, France. Birgitta Ralston and Alexandre Bau draw inspiration from rituals and human needs to form sustainable and inclusive scenarios, coming to life in space, product or furniture. 
Ralston & Bau is interested in the unexpected to areas, unexplored by the design practice. 
This led them to give life to Transplant, an experimental design space, which was born in 2007. Today, they work according to contexts, invitations and partners within the Idealist Institute.

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MAGASIN - National Centre of Arts and Cultures, located in Grenoble - in the heart of the Alps-, is a non-profit organization presided over by Anne-Marie Charbonneaux, grant-aided by Ministry of Culture and Communication - D.R.A.C. Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Departement of Isère and City of Grenoble.


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Chief & Project

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Administration & Project


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