Le magasin des horizons - un centre national d'arts et de cultures

A hybrid public institution, MAGASIN des horizon defines itself as a platform for reflection, a site of exchange accessible to all and focused on the notion of permacultural place or an artistic third-location.


Supporting a multidisciplinary perspective, MAGASIN des horizons invites brokers of ideas, artists, activists, therapists, and rogue philosophers … to stimulate and encourage a way of thinking capable of addressing contemporary problems. Its activity consists in implementing ideas, engaging with artists most likely connected with women’s issues, as well as training a dozen persons in new professional practices combining art and society.


A veritable mirror of a changing society, MAGASIN des horizons invites you to dream the world rather than enduring it!









Located in the heart of an industrial facility with over 3,000 square meters of space (currently undergoing renovation), the center for art and culture wishes to make this location available for related activities capable of stirring up the senses and sensations. Le Magasin des horizons builds synergy with the Maison des Habitants Chorier-Berriat, the Centre Chorégraphique National de Grenoble (CCN2), Le Pacifique – Centre de Développement Chorégraphique (CDC), the University, as well as organizations working for social or professional integration of disadvantaged persons (such as Cuisine sans frontière, Ulysse…).


Le Magasin des horizons wishes to encourage artist / designer / creator / thinker / writer residencies aimed at laying the groundwork for fruitful crosspollination.

Séance publique / 09 mars 2017


- because the site of MAGASIN has become impractical and inefficient;

- because it is necessary and responsible to involve users, such as our team members, in redefining usage;

- because an art center, which hosts events and debates, and fosters global awareness, has an obligation to reflect evolutions in cultural programming and engagement with all audiences.


In addition, a team of architects and a heating engineer will communicate with staff members, residents, and neighbors in order to hear their opinions, desires, and other ideas they may have concerning the uses of an art center, as well as their perception of this singular structure they confront on a daily basis.


The working method is based on the study of the context (the site, the programming, the economy), and employs analytical tools. It invites the exploration of the potential of the space and of the project. Starting with this analysis and data collection, the team has devised scenarios for the development of the site along with constructive strategies to facilitate its transformation.

Séance de travail de l'équipe / mars 2017


MAGASIN was created precisely thirty years ago, on April 30, 1986. It is therefore only fair that this place, conceived as a matter of urgency and in short term (a reminder: a permanent art center was going to be constructed next to the Musée des Beaux-arts…), be redefined today in light of changes occurring in this part of the city, as well as new developments in artistic practices and audience demographics. To this end, we call on the “grandchildren” of Patrick Bouchain, the original architect of our site in the Bouchayer-Viallet hall, to help us re-invent this locale: Mehtab SHEICK BADORDINE, Sébastien FABIANI (NA Architecture), Carine BONNOT (SILO Architectes), all three architects, and Sebastien ENAULT, heating engineer (Cabestan).


All four experts advocate sense-architecture: sensible, sensory, and sensitive. “In full awareness of the world in which we live, our approach is formulated in the context of sustainable economic, ecological, and social development. Ardent supporters of low-tech, we naturally apply the principles of bioclimatic design and privilege constructive strategies aiming to reduce the consumption of grey energy and construction materials. But we do remain vigilant so as not to design buildings that are simply energy-efficient, since the quality of a space corresponds to senses and emotions: the way it fits in the landscape, the use of soft light, the choice of warm materials. We believe in the capacity of architecture to frame every moment of our lives.”


Nos partenaires publics

MAGASIN - National Centre of Arts and Cultures, located in Grenoble - in the heart of the Alps-, is a non-profit organization presided over by Anne-Marie Charbonneaux, grant-aided by Ministry of Culture and Communication - D.R.A.C. Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Departement of Isère and City of Grenoble.


• Béatrice Josse

Chief & Project

• Cécile Rogel

Administration & Project


• Camille Planeix

Coordination & Project




• Charline Monod-Juhel

Production manager


• Frédéric Besson

Graphist designer - multimédia




• Charlotte Lejeune

In charge of the training project and school audiences

• Fadma Kaddouri





• Martin Massier

Technical Manager

• Peggy Pierrot


• Magali Féret

Professeur relais