MAGASIN, a national art centre

Magasin is broadening its horizons. It has now become a center for arts and cultures, offering transdisciplinary and indisciplinary approaches ! Open towards its locality while acting on both a national and international level, Magasin is a generator of exhibitions, events, shows, encounters, performances… inside its premises and beyond! In the meantime, Ecole du Magasin is renamed and transformed into Ateliers des horizons ! 

Séance publique / 09 mars 2017


The name « MAGASIN » is linked to the history of the building in which it is located. The National Contemporary Art Centre is housed in a 3000 m2 industrial hall built in 1900 by the Gustave Eiffel workshops for the Paris World Fair. Bought by Bouchayer-Viallet Ltd from Grenoble, working in the area of hydroelectric equipment, the iron structure was dismantled, transported and reassembled.

Séance de travail de l'équipe / mars 2017

The Architecture

The art centre’s architectural plan was designed by the architect Patrick Bouchain. The design team opted for a small scale intervention on the building. The metal structure, the roofing and glass panes were restored to their original state: the walls and the internal pillars were simply whitewashed up to a height of 5 meters from the ground in order to establish a less monumental scale. The vast space under the glass roof of the hall (900 m2) was put to its best advantage by creating a veritable street, which although covered is not heated.
The volume of this space allowed huge “in situ” installations by Daniel Buren, Richard Long, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Guillaume Bijl, Matt Mullican..., in the first years of MAGASIN. An air-conditioned enclosure was installed on one side, offering an exhibition space measuring 860 square metres.

Nos partenaires publics

Le MAGASIN - Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble est une association loi 1901 présidée par Mme Anne-Marie Charbonneaux, subventionnée par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication D.R.A.C. Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, la Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, le Département de l'Isère et la Ville de Grenoble.


• Béatrice Josse

Chief & Project

• Cécile Rogel

Administration & Project


• Camille Planeix

Coordination & Project



• Charline Monod-Juhel

Exhibition Coordinator

• Frédéric Besson

Graphist designer - multimédia



• Charlotte Lejeune

Public development

• Martin Massier

Technical Manager



• Fadma Kaddouri


• Peggy Pierrot


• Magali Féret

Professeur relais